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This is the main building in dragon city in which you can hatch dragons

. There are 4 levels of hatchery in dragon city.

nível incubadora 1 aminha sumil Edit

  1. ​​
Hatchery lev 1
Este é o nível 1 hatchery.It está disponível quando você começa a jogar de dragão de cidade.

hatchery level 2Edit

Hatchery lev 2
hatchery level 2
This is the level 2 hatchery which can only be unlocked by using 15 gems it has 2 egg hatching nests.

hatchery level 3Edit

Hatchetry lev 3
hatchery lev 3
This is the level 3 hatchery which can be unlocked using 30 gems.It has 3 egg hatching nests.

hatchery level 4Edit

Hatchery lev 4
hatchery level 4
This is the final form of the hatchery level 4 can be unloked only by using 60 gems.It can hatch 4 dragons at the same time.
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